CSR Europe
CSR Europe is the leading business network for corporate social responsibility with around 75 multinational corporations and 27 national partner organisations as members.
Business in the Community
Business in the Community mobilises business for good. Its members commit to improve the way in which they manage their resources. be that their people or the planet. Its power is the unique platform this creates for collaborative action.
Business for Social Responsibility
A high profile global network , BSR works with more than 250 member companies to develop sustainable business strategies and solutions through consulting, research and cross-sector collaboration.
World Business Council on Sustainable Development
The World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is a CEO-led, global association of some 200 companies dealing exclusively with business and sustainable development.
Small Business Journey
The Small Business Consortium was established in March 2002 in response to feedback from small and medium size business (SME) owner-managers who asked for a collaborative approach to corporate social responsibility by the main SME stakeholder organisations.